We are regularly approached by people charged with serious property offences, including armed robbery, burglary and stealing. We consistently secure good outcomes for our clients.

Charges of armed robbery must be dealt with in the Supreme Court and carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The offence of robbery is stealing with the use or threats of violence and often involves a weapon being used. You can still be guilty of armed robbery even if you are simply pretending to be armed.

There is also a provision in the Criminal Code that provides for mandatory imprisonment for people convicted of three home burglaries. A burglary is considered to be more serious if it is a person’s home and is committed in company with a co-offender. Less serious burglaries can be dealt with in the Magistrates Court.

Robbery and burglary offences often include some forensic and DNA evidence and we have close ties to DNA experts in Australia who are able to provide independent reports about the prosecution evidence.

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