Timpano Legal is a leading provider of dedicated and practical legal defence services. You can trust our extensive experience and specialist knowledge of the legal system. We put our clients’ welfare and interests on top of everything, with the goal of being the best criminal lawyers Perth has to offer.

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Confidence & Discretion Assured

Laura Willox (formerly Laura Timpano) set up the criminal law firm Timpano Legal after establishing a reputation as one of the most respected criminal lawyers Perth wide. Laura has always had a strong passion for helping people accused of committing crimes and supporting them through the criminal justice system. Her team of experienced Perth based criminal defence lawyers are dedicated to providing strong, successful and practical legal services.

Specialist Criminal Lawyers Perth

Laura and the members of her team deal with matters ranging from simple road traffic offences to the most serious and complex charges. Timpano Legal Perth Criminal Lawyers work with some of the most highly regarded barristers and Queen’s Counsel in Australia, and have close relationships with nationally and internationally recognised forensic experts. Here are just some of the legal services a Perth criminal lawyer at Timpano Legal can provide:

  • Homicide: Thorough preparation is essential for all homicide cases.
  • Assault: Includes assault occasioning bodily harm or grievous bodily harm.
  • Fraud: These can include, fraud, theft, robbery, armed robbery, burglary, and aggravated burglary, handling stolen property, money laundering, going equipped to steal, forgery, bribery and defrauding the Commonwealth.
  • Drug Offences: Including possession, possession with intent to sell or supply, cultivation, manufacture and drug trafficking.
    Extradition: Both interstate and international.
  • Traffic Offences: Including drink driving (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs), to careless, reckless or dangerous driving (whether or not causing death or serious injury).
  • Sex Offences: From indecent assault to more serious offences including sexual penetration without consent.

Timpano Legal’s wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of processes, procedures and legal technicalities, allows them to put your case forward with confidence and assuredness, to achieve the best outcome.

As leading and reputable Perth criminal lawyers, we uphold professionalism and provide our clients with sound advice.

If you’re looking for experienced criminal lawyers in Perth, contact Laura and her team for immediate advice and information on our free initial consultation.